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Helium Balloons In Kenya

Helium balloons are always an amazing Choosing. Their idea of Simply Floating Balloons always interesting.


In Nairobi Though, helium  Balloons Come Usually at price. A price that Most people Consider Higher than Expected. Would-Be true To Say that Helium is quite expensive In Nairobi. At KES. 250 For a single balloon, would be impossible to Hold a proper helium Balloon party without a strain In your wallet.


This price is Highly Contributed by the ever daring helium Shortage in the world. Pushing the Prices Higher than Ever Before.


With the Critical Importance of Both medical and Industrial helium, Its More Worrying to Consider that The Price Has Since Risen four Times. This fact is more discouraging, without even considering the Role of Helium In party decor.

Some Of Medical and Industrial uses of Helium gas Include:

  • Used In decorative balloons due to Its Low density.
  • Used to create artificial Atmosphere By DiversIn this cases oxygen is used in a 20:80 ratio to achieve a perfect combination.
  • Helium-neon lasers are used in Supermarket Checkouts to Scan Bar-codes on products.
  • Helium-ion Microscope Gives better resolution In Microscopy, better than electron Microscope.
  • Its Unreactive nature Makes it a perfect Inert Gas. This is  Greatly used in the production of Fiber optics and semiconductors.
  • Helium gas is also used In High Altitude Balloons. These are used to provide network Coverage in  Remote areas. The case includes The alphabet Company, project Loon. The idea of the project is to Provide Network Coverage to remote and Hilly including the remote areas of Kenya. The Project Is In Africa In a partnership between Google and Telkom Kenya.
  • Helium is also used to Fill Vehicle air Bags, Vital In times Of Crashes.


Helium is Found Naturally and comes as a Byproduct of Natural Gas. It Is However found In Very tiny amounts. This makes it rare and expensive. The process of Producing It synthetically is However In progress. The research is at it far stages and the time Of Production may Not Be Coming any time soon.


Helium gas Shortages In Kenya should, therefore, be an Expected Norm.

helium-balloons-kenyaIt is also important to note that the Gas is Produced In different forms Of Purity. Manufactures either Produce it In pure, Impure, Liquid and gaseous Forms. Pure, Liquid Helium, used In Hospitals and medical facilities, It’s always put On Priority. This is always to avert of Putting healthcare In a crisis. Your Helium Party Can wait. After All.


The Impure gaseous helium is mostly used In helium Balloons, hot air balloons and filling high altitude Balloons. The impure form comes as a by-product while Manufacturing its Pure form. Production Of Pure Liquid Helium Is costly. The sale of its Impure form comes Greatly In reducing the general Cost of Helium In Kenya.


Is Helium an Explosive Gas?


Helium Is absolutely Safe and Non Explosive. It falls under the  Category of Non-explosive Gases. This Makes it therefore absolutely safe for all your Indoor parties In Nairobi.


It also Comes in Liquid Form. In reality, when Compressed it lowers its temperature. Therefore Used to cool Other gases. Remember, Helium is Inert and does not react with other Gases. 


On its own. Helium Cannot Burn.  It However important To Note: Just Like Other gases, Helium Expands When heated. Therefore Can Explode When Put In A heated Container. 


Where to Buy Helium Balloons in Kenya


At Bloon We offer the best Helium Nairobi and The larger of Kenya. Our Helium Comes either In filled Balloons or In Gas Canisters. The Gas Canisters also Comes In Different Sizes. We have small ones to Take with you In your Upcountry Events and Parties Or the Large Ones For That Big Event In Nairobi.


The helium Filled Balloons are available online On our Website. Shop and Pay Online Conveniently


The  Helium tanks are available for either Purchase or Under Lease. We are available both on Phone and On email to Discuss This In-depth. Our Email us at info@bloon.co.ke and Our Cell Phone Number is +254(0)724944779


Baby Shower Balloons In Nairobi


We offer both foil, Latex, Myra and Letter Balloons, here at Bloon. They come In different  Shapes and Sizes. Our Letter Balloons have covered all the Letters Of The Alphabet.

Both Our Foil and Latex Balloons can either filled With Natural Air Or Filled With helium Gas. 


Helium Makes Them float and more Lively. The float time In each varies though. The Float Time of Latex  Balloons Is around 5-7 Hours. You can, however, archive 10 Hours when you Inflate your helium in Foil Balloons. Balloons float longer in colder temperatures. The Best results Of Helium balloons are Achieved when the Balloons are filled, 1-3 Hours to the Starting time of the event.

The Balloons get Weak considerably and start dropping as the times Goes By.


Helium balloon Float time is  However affected by various things Including attitude, Temperature, filling Pressure and also the Quality Of Balloons.


At Bloon, We Guarantee you the Highest quality Of balloons In Kenya.


However, It’s always Important to Note that. Not all latex balloons can Float. You may have Come  Across the sign of “this does not Float” on some of the Balloons stocked In our Supermarket.


On Most times, this, contributed By the Size of the Balloons. You Ought to get to A certain size Of Helium filled balloon to make it Airborne.

 Its always to Know where to Get your Balloons. At Bloon, our Experts are always here to help you understand the difference before purchase. Offering you with only the best Ballon Service In Kenya.


Letter Balloons In Nairobi

We stock various Letter Balloons. From 1 to 9 and their consecutive combinations. Makes it perfect for any Typical combination. Works great For Numerical Celebrations. This Includes Birthdays, Anniversaries, store celebrations and  Much More. This letter Balloons comes In Either Gold Or In Silver. Normal or Helium gas is used to fill these Balloons.


We Provide Letter Balloons Delivery Same day all across Nairobi.

Both letter, latex and Foil Balloons can either be bought In-store Or via Our website. We provide balloon delivery of Party Balloons, Same day to Nairobi residents. We also Do provide Helium for Parties Outside Nairobi the next day. Our team is always on stand by to assist you with your Enquiries.



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